Brief Tutorial for Teachers

In this "Brief tutorial for teachers," we go over common problems associated with academic discussion; define and explain  academic discussion skills; and the advantages of learning them. Most importantly, it provides a suggested teaching process to facilitate student learning of perspective taking in academic discussion.

Additional Helpful Information for Teachers

In this "Additional helpful information for teachers," a collection of relevant and helpful information about facilitating academic discussion for teachers is provided. Below are a few topics from the slides:

  • A checklist to ask yourself when students don't participate

  • Suggestions for enhancing students' participating in discussion

  • Five Don'ts in leading discussion for teachers

Example of Class Implementation

This is a class implementation example from the 2018 session of PSY 4028: Multicultural Minds in Communication. Teachers can make reference to this process, integrating it or using it to design their class as appropriate to encourage students to learn how to engage in discussion in a fruitful way.